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June 1, 2020

College Promise Seeks Solutions to End Racial Injustice

We are saddened and angered by the wrongful deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and thousands more victims of racial injustice on whose shoulders we stand. We condemn these senseless acts of violence and join all those who demand justice. Racism is a powerful and insidious force in America that has created deep divides among our people. But we continue to believe and promote the systemic change necessary to end racism and all other forms of discrimination and injustice. We welcome our responsibility to accelerate that change.

The COVID-19 pandemic laid bare what far too many students, students of color in particular, have always known — that this country has not yet delivered equality, justice or opportunity for all. The last few days have cracked open the grief and despair felt by so many, pervading our streets and consuming our screens, jarring us to our core. We have witnessed astounding acts of violence, heartbreaking acts of enormous frustration, and moving acts of inclusion and unity. As we work to support students and families in this time of pain and disruption, we recognize that we can and will do more.

At College Promise, we are committed to eradicate bias, prejudice and privilege as we work every day to make a college education accessible and universally available for everyone. We do this work because we believe that not only are we, individually and together, better off when we are able to learn, grow, and achieve, but because we, collectively as a nation are better off when every person can access a quality education that opens doors to the American dream.

Change is needed to repair the damage and address injustice in all its forms across our nation. Today, we mourn the deaths of too many Black Americans and redouble our efforts to end discrimination and injustice as we do our part  to eliminate the barriers to affordable education for all.

— College Promise

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