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College Promise Careers Institute

Uniting to Build the Workforce of Today and Tomorrow
November 16 & 17, 2021

College Promise Careers Institute: 2021 Highlights

The 2021 College Promise Careers Institute focused on key transitions between education and the workforce, including college pathways, accelerated learning programs, on-the-job training models, career exploration, and job placement innovations. Sessions covered various subjects, including policy, Promise program key features, degree and non-degree programs leading to competitive employment, and adult learners seeking in-demand careers.

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Day 1

Opening Remarks from U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona
Special Announcement: The Kresge Foundation's CoPro 2.0: Shaping Equitable and Sustainable College Promise Programs
America’s Next Generation of Workers: Student Perspectives on Wraparound Supports & Careers
The Future of the Workforce and Education: Building Successful Career Pathways for Students
Panel: The Future of Free College
PowerTalk: Intentional Inclusion: Recruiting Underserved Adult Students
PowerTalk: 10,000 Degrees Career Network - Learnings from the Pilot Phase
Panel: First Generation Workers & Personal Branding

Day 2

Supporting Student Populations Through Career Transitions
Panel: Connecting Community Colleges and Employers with a Racial Justice Lens
Panel: Reconnecting Disrupted High School Grads to Postsecondary Pathways
Panel: Prioritizing Adult Learner Success to Meet Workforce Needs
PowerTalk: Leading Insights for the Future of Work

On-Demand Sessions

PowerTalk: Supporting the Mental Health Needs of First-Generation Students
PowerTalk: Examining the Value of Non-Degree Credentials
PowerTalk: Connecting Education to the Workforce through Employer-Driven Instruction
PowerTalk: Building Promise Programs that Help Students Succeed through College and Careers

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careers institute sponsors