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September 19, 2023

College Promise Announces New National Advisory Board Members

In July 2015, College Promise, a national, nonpartisan organization, was established under the honorary leadership of Dr. Jill Biden, then Second Lady of the U.S., and Governor Jim Geringer (R-WY). Together, they convened the College Promise National Advisory Board, drawn from education, business, philanthropy, nonprofit, labor, student, and government leaders, all with a commitment to realize a universal, freely available, affordable postsecondary education for every  American.

Since its inception, College Promise has galvanized and supported local and state Promise programs to fund tuition and fees for eligible students and provide wraparound supports for their success. To date, College Promise programs have expanded from 53 Promise programs in 2015 to over 425 across all 50 states. To further support and facilitate this expansion, Martha Kanter, the CEO of College Promise, has announced the appointment of three new National Advisory Board members: Ms. Kimberly Ternate Ding, Dr. Dianne Van Hook, and Dr. Michael Nettles.

Ms. Kimberly Ternate Ding, an accomplished writer, educator, and actor, has left her mark in nursing, education, and the arts. Her background includes nursing care for war veterans and teaching medical/surgical nursing, alongside her current role as a nursing instructor at a Louisville, Kentucky community college. A graduate of Harvard University's Ed.M. program, Kimberly's dedication to education extends to her positions as an adjunct professor at Harvard and Columbia University, where she imparts knowledge in creative nonfiction writing and public speaking. Beyond academia, her talents shine in film, commercials, and theater, contributing to her notable presence on Netflix and various commercial platforms.

Dr. Michael Nettles, a respected authority in educational assessment, student performance, and equity, held the position of Senior Vice President and the Edmund W. Gordon Chair of Policy Evaluation and Research at ETS until 2023. Appointed by President Barack Obama to the President’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for African Americans, Nettles also contributed significantly to the National Assessment Governing Board and the College Board of Trustees. He possesses extensive experience in both academia and policy research, having earned advanced degrees from the University of Tennessee and Iowa State University.

Dr. Dianne Van Hook, with an impressive 35-year tenure as CEO of the Santa Clarita Community College District and College of the Canyons, leads an expansive district covering 367 square miles and serving over 296,000 individuals. Recognized for her innovative leadership, she has played an instrumental role in the success of College of the Canyons, guiding it through remarkable progress and growth. With unparalleled expertise in community college funding at local, state, and national levels, Dr. Van Hook has participated in numerous pivotal roles and received over 30 awards for her leadership and innovation.

College Promise is tremendously grateful to the entire National Advisory Board for their continued leadership and commitment to support the College Promise movement. Their efforts are crucial to advancing the goal of ensuring that an education beyond high school is accessible, affordable, and attainable, helping to shape a brighter future for our nation’s students.

On November 8-9, 2023, College Promise will host its fourth annual Careers Institute, which is set to explore groundbreaking themes to reshape the way we approach and deliver education and career development in our Promise communities. For further details about this in-person conference, please visit our website.

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