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March 21, 2024

Announcing New Members of the College Promise National Advisory Board

College Promise is honored to introduce the latest additions to the College Promise National Advisory Board, a testament to our ongoing commitment to preparing America’s talent pipeline by increasing access to education, training, and credentialing. Since its inception in 2015, College Promise has been at the forefront of a national movement aimed at ensuring that post-secondary education is as accessible and universal as high school education has been for nearly a century.

College Promise is focused on increasing student opportunity, achievement, career, and lifelong outcomes while closing equity gaps for the nation’s underserved populations, with over 400 local College Promise programs and 35 statewide CP policy and financial investments. We firmly believe and can document with evidence-based research that to spur students’ economic, social, and civic mobility, local, state, and federal leaders should do everything in their power to support our students in completing their education beyond high school. Doing so enables their advancement in the workforce and in their daily lives. 

We are proud to announce the appointment of the following distinguished individuals to our National Advisory Board, each of whom brings invaluable expertise and insight to the National College Promise Movement:

College Promise is deeply grateful to the entire National Advisory Board for their unwavering leadership and steadfast commitment to champion the College Promise movement. Their tireless efforts are indispensable in driving forward the mission of making postsecondary education accessible, affordable, and achievable.

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