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March 13, 2024

A Decade of Transformation: The Evolution of TN Promise to Meet Today's Student Needs

College Promise recently published a Forbes article, celebrating the tenth anniversary of TN Promise. TN Promise has been a transformative force in Tennessee's educational landscape, thanks to the collaborative efforts of individuals like Governor Bill Lee and bipartisan supporters. With support reaching nearly 100,000 students annually, TN Promise and TnAchieves are reshaping the futures of countless young individuals across the state.

In the article, Governor Lee highlights the program's focus on providing meaningful credentials to students pursuing post-secondary education, emphasizing its role in shaping the state's workforce and improving outcomes for vulnerable students. This commitment is echoed by State Representative Mark White, who recognizes TN Promise as a gold standard in providing opportunities for Tennessee's youth.

TN Promise serves not only as a testament to Tennessee's dedication to education but also as a model for other states. By prioritizing comprehensive support services alongside financial aid, TN Promise sets a precedent for fostering an environment where higher education is truly accessible to every aspiring student. As the program continues to evolve, its impact resonates far beyond the borders of Tennessee, inspiring other states to follow suit in creating a brighter future for their youth. Read the full article here.

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